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India's first spoonfree High Protein Oats

Ever imagined having your breakfast while driving or while working? Ever imagined meeting your daily protein intake targets while being busy with your daily schedule? Possible now, with our easy prep, High-Protein Oats! Flavours such as Mango Madness, Choco Nut waiting for your indulgence!

Only the good stuff

GoOAT takes only natural products of the highest quality for its Protein Oats. Confused which flavour you want to order? Indulge your taste-buds with our Assorted Protein box!

What's in?

Oats, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Date Powder, Jaggery, Pure Whey Protein, Stevia, Himalayan Pink Salt, Cocoa, Coffee and Dried Fruit Powder

What' out?

Everything else!

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