Yash Kalra

Meet Yash Kalra, the visionary health and nutrition enthusiast behind our brand. With a rich background spanning five years in the realm of healthy food and beverages, Yash is deeply attuned to diverse dietary habits. His passion lies in crafting natural, delicious, and convenient food options that resonate with the modern lifestyle. Yash's expertise ensures that every product he touches is a manifestation of his commitment to a healthier and tastier way of living.

Utsav Singhal

Introducing Utsav Singhal, the tech-savvy force propelling our brand forward. A graduate of IIT Delhi, Utsav's journey seamlessly blends his love for technology with a keen understanding of contemporary living. Having previously contributed to an AI company, Utsav possesses a unique insight into the intricacies of modern lifestyles and habits. His passion lies in building and scaling products.